Legal Practice Areas.

Attorney Mark Tipton actively practices in these areas of law.
He is also willing to discuss other legal matters with you to guide you in the right direction. There is no fee for the initial call.

Estate Administration

Has a family member died? Is it time to carry out the terms of a Will? Who will help you through this process?

Estate Planning

What will happen to your property when you die? Who will care for your minor children? Do you have a Last Will and Testament? Do you need to bring it up to date?

Speeding Tickets

Did you get pulled over for driving a bit too fast? What can be done to protect my license to drive? Truck drivers are regularly served.

Civil Protection Orders

Have you been the victim of Domestic Violence or Stalking? Do you need a Court Order to protect you and your family?


Does an adult you know require someone else to make appropriate decisions? Does a minor child need a Guardian? How can you accept that legal responsibility?

Guardian ad Litem

Who speaks for the children? A Guardian ad Litem does. In child custody disputes, a neutral Guardian ad Litem can save time and money for the parties to investigate and recommend a parenting plan that will serve the best interests of the children.

Child Custody

What sort of arrangements can be made for a child whose parents are no longer united? What can be done to secure parenting time with your child?

Child Support

Should you receive child support for your child? Have you been ordered to pay child support? Who will speak for you?

Real Estate

Do you need assistance in selling your home? Are there liens against your real estate? Who will prepare your Deed? Can you convey good title?


Do you have a court judgment against someone who has not paid? How can you collect what you are owed?

Criminal Law

Do you have a criminal charge before you in a court of law? Do you have a past criminal conviction that could be sealed?


How can you adopt a child you love? What are the steps needed to do so? Do the birth parents still have rights to the child? How can you protect your interests in that child? How can a step-parent become a legal parent of a spouse’s child?

Advance Directives

Who do you want to act for you if you are unable to act for yourself? Who would make medical decisions for you? Who would handle your financial affairs?

Driver’s License Issues

Do you need assistance in clearing up an Ohio driver’s license issue? Do you need to obtain driving privileges in order to work?

Juvenile Court Cases

Has your child been charged with a crime in the juvenile court? Is the state attempting to obtain custody of your child?

Local Counsel Representative

For law firms outside Northwest Ohio, local counsel representation is a time-saving way to have a local attorney appear for you in a Northwest Ohio court.

Unclaimed Funds

Are you or a family member entitled to funds which are being held by the State of Ohio? How can you obtain this money?


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